The pet food ingredients to look out for.

By | June 13, 2013

The diet you subject your pet to will determine the life span of your pet.  The number one rule is that too much of the essentials might be harmful at the same time little of the essentials will lead to a deficiency. The ingredients of pet food are found on the side of the tin and please note that the first 5 are the main components of that meal. Pet food manufacturers make formulas where they ensure that the essential and efficient nutrients. This explains the confidence that pet owners have in processed food when they purchase it for their pets. The right pet food ingredients contain digestible, palatable and safe nutrients that make complete and balanced meals. Below are examples of food that you wish and want to be in the top 5 so that you can make that purchase;

Pet food ingredients consist of three components for example; cereal, artificial additives and meat and animal derivatives.

  • Rice which is a cereal is easy to digest. It contains a lot of carbohydrates which are energy giving and body building foods
  • Chicken fat has been said to be much more nutritious than beef fat especially in cats. It is highly recommended because it is digestible animal fat.
  • Lamb meat and Bone Meal: This product is what is responsible for the lean muscle in animals because of the protein it has is digestible. The muscles are lean because products of lamb extract water and fat giving rise to a dry, high quality digestible protein. Lamb contains Vitamin B12 and selenium which is essential for the formation of coats in pets.
  • Pea flour, which contains proteins carbohydrates and antioxidants, is normally found in grain free formulas to prevent intolerances caused by gluten. It is an ingredient to look out for if your obese pet is on a diet because it is low in fat.
  • Salt is a source of sodium and chloride which is essential in the growth and reproduction of animals.
  • Specialty ingredients like soya isolate, dietary fibers and others add taste and flavor to the food fulfilling your pet’s appetite.


An Elmira ingredients group based in Canada is one of the suppliers of Specialty ingredients which are of high quality. They also provide ingredient logistics as part of their support package to ingredient suppliers and pet food manufacturers. Other ingredient companies that provide ingredient logistics include Petfood Enterprise Technologies, Vion Ingredients groups and many others.

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