Get Ready For Some Soul Soothing Journey: A Visit To Taree

By | May 19, 2013

People, who are in search of solace and solitude, can consider Taree an ideal destination for the purpose. Located near the Great Lakes region, Taree offers wonderful opportunity to nature lovers. This is also perfect for those, who seek something different than just an ordinary holiday spot. Taree is way different than Port Macquarie, Forster and its neighboring regions to the north and south. Though, this place didn’t develop into primarily tourist destination like other, there is no scarcity of accommodation Taree. The city is surrounded by bountiful natural resources, enjoying its rich natural treasure.


If you are more into sea-life, come to Big Oyster in Taree. It is the most popular landmark of Taree, where, more than two million oysters gather at the Manning River. In fact, oysters cover a large portion of the local financial system, along with various types of crops that nurture in the fertile valley of Manning River.


The glorious history of city dates back to year 1854, when a local named Henry Flett used his private land of 100 acres to set up a private town. Moreover the region nearby Wingham was planned to be developed in to the regional center of Manning Valley. But, when Northern rail line was born (1913), the rail line was set through Taree not Wingham. Later, the construction of Martin Bridge started over the Manning River. This bridge opened new ways of communication and transportation to Taree. Soon, the town developed exponentially and turned into the most important region of the valley.


Taree is located at 15 minutes driving distance from the Tasman and Manning River and offer lots of places to stay Taree. In summer, locals start heading the beach, to enjoy the rustic charm of coastal community- The Old Bar. It is the favorite spot of local surfers. Great sandbank waves tempt surfers from all over the city, which instantly turns this place a wannabe spot.


Another famous surfing spot is the Saltwater Point. It’s alwayse  a thrilling experience to watch the waves rise to the cliff top. Visitors and surfers love spending time on the beautiful campground during summers. Taree has many campgrounds; they are not big, require basic amenities, but are located in eye-catchy settings. Being a part of the city is yet another inviting experience to be cherished. The simple but high quality life of Taree separates it from other historical towns of Australia. Well, if you want to explore, make Taree your next stop. You need to see it, to believe it. So, why wait? If you are looking for a destination to open up and unwind your sense, Taree is the place to look forward.


Taree is one of the most preferred holiday destinations of Australia. When planning to visit Taree, make sure to consult a reliable and credible website for appropriate travel package. You may go through the customer reviews or ratings to check the credibility and service standards of the website. The travel website may also offer discounts on seasonal travel packages.

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